Hillside Cemetery Ghost Walk & My Experience as Lillian Bentham

Hillside-Chapel-Clarendon-7872This past Saturday Hillside Cemetery had it’s first ever ghost walk to raise funds to restore a beautiful Gothic revival style sandstone chapel on its property. The walk featured eight “ghosts“, played by GCC students,  GCC professors, and Orleans Hub editor Tom Rivers. (More information on those who participated can be found here)


Photograph of me as Lillian Bentham Photo Credit: Tom Rivers

The ghost walk attracted over 100 people and helped raise awareness for this worthy cause as well as celebrate local history! A lecture was offered by Bill Lattin on his personal collection of Victorian mourning art. Live history demonstrations and free tours of the chapel were also provided. The cool rainy weather didn’t stop the event from drawing a good crowd.


Photograph of Lillian W. Bentham

As for my personal experience playing Lillian Bentham it was nothing short of amazing. Bentham survived the sinking of the Titanic at age 19.A Holly native that later moved to Rochester, Bentham eventually fund her way back to her roots in her final resting place. It was an enlightening experience for me to get into Lillian’s mind an retell the story of her life. Furthermore Lillian’s three great nieces were in attendance and were gracious enough to tell me more about the woman Lillian was. The letters she had sent home from her trip to Europe portrayed a vivacious young woman full of happiness and excitement. (more information on her nieces can be found here) I absolutely loved the opportunity to become a part of history and pass on the stories of others to people in the community.

I suggest that if you or anyone you know gets the opportunity to either take part in or go on a ghost walk do it!! You will not be disappointed.


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